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Young Forensic Scientists!

September 20, 2011

Last week, my son and some other homeschoolers went to the Museum of Science and Industry for a crime scene learning lab.
The kids used forensic science techniques to solve the “who stole the lightbender?” crime.

E’s group used chromatography to help them decide who they thought the perpetrator was.

Other groups used fingerprint analysis, white powder analysis and trace evidence analysis. The kids got to use microscopes (which was E’s favorite part) and later everyone used foot impression analysis.

They all had such a good time!


…and the ADHD Monster reared its head.

September 14, 2011

Today’s mantra was “E, math.”
I must have said that to him to redirect his attention 2,165,327 times. He also required several short breaks because his distraction level was so high.
It was almost comical.
Such is the way, sometimes… oftentimes… for those with ADHD.
He got through it brilliantly, though! He was so proud of himself (and I was proud of him too)!
He explained that his distraction was like a foe with a sword, and he raised up his sword to fight off the Distraction, and won! Absolutely brilliant, that sweet boy.
Everyone should have a magical sword of distraction slaying!



September 12, 2011

Today has been a pretty great day, so far!
We got through his math ad language arts stuff in a timely fashion, with new extra stuff added in, and he even requested to do extra math today!
We still have to work in the history a bit more this week, so we can get that really started, and this Friday is his forensics learning lab at the Museum of Science and Industry that we need to prepare for.
We are off to a great start of our week though, how exciting!


Our First “Week” of School So Far

September 2, 2011

We started our “schooling” partially last week. Partially because I still haven’t received everything that I ordered for the year.
I have a nice little schedule thing written down, but it is already readily apparent that I need to reorganize our day. I’m sort of in an “uhm… at a loss” moment with re-planning our schedule. We do need one though, or some sort of guideline for our day, as myself and my nine year old both have severe ADHD and the structured routine is needed.
We had a really baaad day two days ago, but we recovered, and the past two days have been pretty productive.
Also, I have decided that he actually has a problem subject, which is writing (not handwriting, that’s a different, already known, problem). I think it has to do with his Asperger’s and how he sees the world. His writing is very… “I went to the store. Then I went home and ate lunch. I liked my day.” detail as well as emotional context are beyond him at this point, and writing that much is a struggle for him. Its kind of hard for me to understand as this area has always been one of my strong, easy areas, so I am sure I’m lacking some perspective as well. Its something I need to figure out though, so I can help him “get it” eventually.
I have a lot planned for us, and we have only managed to get through half of it each day so far! So, once again… scheduling! I am not a scheduling expert, it is a hard concept for me to get right, as my frame of reference with time is pretty immature (again, the ADHD). My concept of how long something should take is almost always off in one direction or the other.
My four year old is having fun with his “school”, which is basically coloring, drawing and playing concentration when he wants while his brother does what he needs to do. He also likes to do the Spanish flashcards we have with his brother, so that’s awesome!
Overall, it has been going pretty well!