It’s January.

January 10, 2012

This is what I am telling myself.
We have taken a lengthy winter break, (and it was a nice one) and we need to get started back up. I was aiming for Monday, but randomness decided to get in my way.
Our schooling area is a post-holiday, disorganized catastrophe, and it needs to be reorganized and cleaned up so we can get back to work.
Secretly (ok, not so secretly as I just posted this – haha) I am hoping this post will get the ball rolling.
I have lots of goals for us, so I need to get this all straightened up!

*laughing maniacally as she walks away*


  1. I felt that way too. The house was a holiday disaster, and I hadn’t revamped our school schedule the way I had intended, and I hadn’t even begun to write the play for our homeschool program that started up in a couple of days. I was overwhelmed. So, I took an afternoon and wrote the first scene, and we just plunged back into our subjects without a working schedule. It was a rocky first couple of days back, but we covered the basics, and by now I have worked out our schedule, and we are back to business as usual. It’s just the *starting* that’s so hard sometimes!

  2. Sorry that i didn’t respond to your comment! I haven’t been so awesome at keeping up with the blog lately haha!
    We did get mostly back on track, I am still struggling, but as I am about to post in my next post, I think part of it is because of how winter makes me feel.

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