It’s January.

January 10, 2012

This is what I am telling myself.
We have taken a lengthy winter break, (and it was a nice one) and we need to get started back up. I was aiming for Monday, but randomness decided to get in my way.
Our schooling area is a post-holiday, disorganized catastrophe, and it needs to be reorganized and cleaned up so we can get back to work.
Secretly (ok, not so secretly as I just posted this – haha) I am hoping this post will get the ball rolling.
I have lots of goals for us, so I need to get this all straightened up!

*laughing maniacally as she walks away*


Oh, look! A Post!

November 14, 2011

Yeah, I have been slacking on the upkeep of this here blog. 😀
We have been pretty busy. Doing school, running errands, getting a nasty stomach bug, therapies…. on and on it goes.
Therefore, I am compelling myself to write this post, and hopefully it will motivate me to keep posting.

Today’s subject? Diagramming sentences. Yes, I said it. Diagramming sentences.
It seems, that somewhere in the history between today’s students and when I was in school (you know, way back in the ancient times, and all of that), that the Ancient Art of Diagramming was lost, or rather set aside as “unimportant”. This is unfortunate, in my opinion. For many it is a daunting evil task. For some it is fun, like puzzles! I believe that diagramming is actually very important to those who are studying and learning the English language. It is mind-boggling to me that the public school systems of this country have decided it is unimportant!?
Anyway, this leads to Rex Barks. This is the book I decided on last spring after looking around for a good program for diagramming. My second choice was First Language Lessons, which introduces diagramming somewhere in the third and/or fourth levels. It was a tough choice for me, honestly. Ultimately, I decided upon Rex Barks because we would be introducing diagramming farther along than FLL begins, and I was concerned that my son would potentially be lost. Rex Barks came highly recommended from another homeschooling mom whose opinion I value, and I have to concur with that opinion. The book is well written, humorous and superb. I decided that I could continue with the language book I already had and add Rex Barks diagramming alongside, and that perhaps next year I would do FLL from the level that he will be at. I am happy with my choice!
My son? Doesn’t enjoy diagramming. It isn’t too much of a surprise, as thus far the English language, and writing, has been his difficult-for-him subject. We keep on keeping on, though. We will survive!
I am definitely open to suggestions on how to make it more fun for him!



October 13, 2011

I just wanted to post a quick one about a site I just discovered that, so far, I am rather impressed with.

JASON Mission Center is a fabulous, free site that has great science curriculum for free! As a homeschooler, you would sign up as a homeschool teacher, and set up your virtual classroom. There is already made curriculum, resources and the ability to create your own curricula as well.
The geek in me is really dancing in my head at the awesomeness, haha.


Otherwise known as The Fancy Link Post.

October 3, 2011

Free Printables are The Awesomest.
Sometimes I spend too much time collecting bookmarks of homeschooling pages and especially of free printables. Today, I have randomly decided to share a collection of printables sites as well as tutorials for activities and some other great links with you.
Did I mention, free?

Pre-K and K:
Must read “What every four year old should know”
Alphabet Animals coloring pages
Alphabet printables
Copy me game for critical thinking
Kindergarden worksheets
Letter paths
Pre-K and K pre-printing worksheets
Pre-K and K worksheet package
Pre-K and K worksheets
Toddler to elementary school activities
Tot School Printables

First grade:
First grade Outer Space free unit
First grade printables
First grade site list

Third and fourth grade:
Halloween corrections worksheets

Excellent multi-level worksheet printables site
Free homeschool links
Free phonics site
Free MIT courses
Khan Academy – excellent videos everyone should know about
Multi-level worksheets and more
NASA Optics
10 ways to explore math
Various printables

United States history:
Charters of Freedom
US history activities

Free printable maps
US maps

Free online storytime

How to improve a child’s handwriting

Games and flashcards
Spanish worksheets

Coloring all ages:
Dover manatees free pages
Dover stained glass faerie tales free pages
Dover turtles free pages
Hidden picture color by letter pages
Teen+ coloring pages

Art projects for kids
Art and sensory recipes
Awesome Hand Tree drawing tutorial
Basket weaving visual tutorial (non-english)
Cloud in a jar
Dover free puzzle pages
Flat Stanley
Geo-board tutorial
Homemade Kaleidoscope
Homemade Moonsand
Magic ketchup experiment
Octopus craft
Paint chip reading skills project
Preserving leaves
Q-tip skeleton
Spring grass terrarium
30 dirty kid activities
Tiny bow and arrow
US Geological Survey activities k-6


Young Forensic Scientists!

September 20, 2011

Last week, my son and some other homeschoolers went to the Museum of Science and Industry for a crime scene learning lab.
The kids used forensic science techniques to solve the “who stole the lightbender?” crime.

E’s group used chromatography to help them decide who they thought the perpetrator was.

Other groups used fingerprint analysis, white powder analysis and trace evidence analysis. The kids got to use microscopes (which was E’s favorite part) and later everyone used foot impression analysis.

They all had such a good time!


…and the ADHD Monster reared its head.

September 14, 2011

Today’s mantra was “E, math.”
I must have said that to him to redirect his attention 2,165,327 times. He also required several short breaks because his distraction level was so high.
It was almost comical.
Such is the way, sometimes… oftentimes… for those with ADHD.
He got through it brilliantly, though! He was so proud of himself (and I was proud of him too)!
He explained that his distraction was like a foe with a sword, and he raised up his sword to fight off the Distraction, and won! Absolutely brilliant, that sweet boy.
Everyone should have a magical sword of distraction slaying!



September 12, 2011

Today has been a pretty great day, so far!
We got through his math ad language arts stuff in a timely fashion, with new extra stuff added in, and he even requested to do extra math today!
We still have to work in the history a bit more this week, so we can get that really started, and this Friday is his forensics learning lab at the Museum of Science and Industry that we need to prepare for.
We are off to a great start of our week though, how exciting!